büro für kuratorische fürsorge und kollektives experiment

A project on the occasion of the tenth anniversary year of the Quartier am Hafen Cologne 2021, at various locations in Cologne and digitally.

Wilko Austermann, Lisa Bensel, Anne Mager, Linda Nadji, Jari Ortwig, Michael Stockhausen, alumni of the Quartier am Hafen’s curator support programme, are jointly developing a critical and reflective format for the anniversary year of the Atelierhaus 2021.

On 5th of March, the six curators will open the doors to their new WORKING SPACE in the Quartier am Hafen, Cologne – both on site and digitally.

“Sorry, we’re closed” is written in shop windows, on restaurant doors or on the homepages of museums. And since exhibitions are highly susceptible to closure, six curators are transforming Q18, the exhibition space of the Quartier am Hafen, into a WORKINGSPACE; offices are more lockdown-resistant.

The new office community moves in on 1st of March and opens on 5th of March with an interactive meeting of the curators. Every Monday at 7 p.m., the Jour Fixe is on the agenda: a public talk on various topics and with guests from art, business or science. Under the banner “Curatorial Care and Collective Experiment”, the six BÜRO’ers have set themselves three research priorities: I Working Conditions and Value, II Hybrid Spaces of Collective as well as Sustainable Resonant Experience, III Learning & Mediation. Questioning their own actions and their own position in society are fundamental to the work of the curatorial collective.

05.03. – 30.04.2021

The link to the event will be published on the homepage in due course.

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