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  • Tacho Tinta: commonnorm

    Tacho Tinta: commonnorm

    Showing 12th of March 2022 , 5 to 5.30 pm After their colorful as well as thoughtful piece Cultural Drag, which was shown at TanzNRW 21, TachoTinta is working on the new production commonnorm, which will have its premiere at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr (Mülheim a.d. Ruhr) in autumn. The production will begin here in Quartier am […]

  • Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies

    Opening: Friday, 18 th of February 2022 from 6-10 pmDuration: February 19th to March 12th, 2022Opening hours: Sat 2-5 pmGuided tours: by appointment Registration: termine@super-reisebuero.deFinissage: 12th of March 2022 from 3-6 pm Longing for Paradise is the first installment of the four-part exhibition series ReiseBüro by the curatorial team Julia Möbus-Puck and Elisabeth Windisch at […]

  • curators 2022: Das ReiseBüro

    curators 2022: Das ReiseBüro

    Elisabeth Windisch is an artist and exhibition organizer at the same time. Living in Vienna and having studied in the Rhineland, she feels at home in many disciplines of the visual arts. Julia Moebus-Puck is a curator and art scholar with a focus on Performative Art and Viennese Actionism. Together, the two are Das ReiseBüro.Elisabeth […]

  • Carried Landscapes

    Carried Landscapes

    Carried Landscapes opens on December 11 & 12 from 2 to 6 pm at the Quartier am Hafen in Cologne. The exhibition presents over 50 images from all over the world. Artists and “non-artists” alike shared their works, which were not about perfect travel photos, but about places of personal significance.  With contributions from: Animal Magic / Dragutin Banic / Roland Barker / Ana […]

  • Vakhtang Sikharulidze

    Vakhtang Sikharulidze

    CV born 03.11.1988 in Kobuleti, Georgia / 2010-2019 BA Art Academy Münster class of Prof. Daniele Buetti / 2018-2019 Master of fine arts Prof. Daniele Buetti / 2015-2018 member of Ateliergemeinschaft Schulstrasse Münster. Scholarship 2020/2021 Artist scholarship in the context of NRW-Corona help / 2018 “Cité Internationale des Arts” Paris, France Exhibitions 2019 „50x50x50“ Museum […]

  • büro für kuratorische fürsorge und kollektives experiment / phase 2

    büro für kuratorische fürsorge und kollektives experiment / phase 2

    The Office for Curatorial Care & Collective Experiment was founded on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Atelierhaus Quartier am Hafen in Cologne Poll. The alumni of the curatorial support programme, Wilko Austermann, Lisa Bensel, Anne Mager, Linda Nadji, Jari Ortwig, Michael Stockhausen, of the Quartier am Hafen, have jointly developed a critical-reflexive […]

  • Open studios 2021

    Open studios 2021

    Once again this year, the Quartier am Hafen will take part in the Open Studios 2021, organized by BBK Cologne, from Sept. 24-26 th of 2021. About 30 artists of the house give insights into your workspaces and working methods. Core opening hours are: friday from 6-9 pmsatuarday from 2-6 pmsunday from 2-6 pm Artists […]

  • AIC ON Festival at Quartier am Hafen

    AIC ON Festival at Quartier am Hafen

    Off-spaces, project spaces, festivals, magazines, nomadic art projects, art associations – Cologne’s independent art initiatives form a central part of Cologne’s multifaceted art scene. Some have only been active for a short time, others for many years or even decades. They function as fluid spaces for artistic experimentation as well as transdisciplinary laboratories for new, […]

  • _____ FEELTHEHOUSE ____

    _____ FEELTHEHOUSE ____

    Touring exhibition FEEL THE HOUSE Saturday, 19.06.21 from 2-8 pm, parking lot Quartier am Hafen FEEL THE HOUSE is a touring exhibition, organized and designed by the Chair of Building with Existing Structures and Building Construction at the University of Wuppertal under the direction of Prof. Georg Giebeler. A selection of photographic works from the […]

  • Moving Targets

    Moving Targets

    Moving Targets – Orbis Pictusa project by Judith Ganz, Peter Halves and Michael Blendow Monumental, circular and slowly rotating projections will glow in the darkness of the exhibition space Q18 in the Quartier am Hafen in Cologne. Circular segments arranged like targets quote excerpts from Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Delights” as well as parts of […]

  • büro für kuratorische fürsorge und kollektives experiment

    büro für kuratorische fürsorge und kollektives experiment

    A project on the occasion of the tenth anniversary year of the Quartier am Hafen Cologne 2021, at various locations in Cologne and digitally. Wilko Austermann, Lisa Bensel, Anne Mager, Linda Nadji, Jari Ortwig, Michael Stockhausen, alumni of the Quartier am Hafen’s curator support programme, are jointly developing a critical and reflective format for the […]

  • Date me Digital – Olga Federova, Robert Olawuyi, Pascal Sender – Virtual Body

    Date me Digital – Olga Federova, Robert Olawuyi, Pascal Sender – Virtual Body

    The last exhibition in the series Date me Digital is dedicated to the digital body. How do the artists approach the human being with different digital techniques? How does this representation differ from our image and our familiar surroundings? Where: Q18, exhibition space Quartier am Hafen The exhibition opens Digital on 8.01.21 at 6 pm […]

  • Stilllegung eines Öltanks

    Stilllegung eines Öltanks

    Friday16.10.20, 4-7 pm Q18, Quartier am Hafen KölnThere will be a follow-up discussion at 7.30 pm.We are looking forward to you! *Please bring a protective mask. We make sure that there is a maximum of 10 people in the room.

  • Date me digital – Loukia Alavanou, Johanna Reich, Dominik Geis – Story

    Loukia Alavanou, Johanna Reich, Dominik Geis – Story The exhibition Date me Digital – Story illustrated three video positions that deal intensively with narratives. 18.09.20 from 18-22 h Duration: 19.09.20 – 4.10.20Opening hours: Sundays 2-5pm and during the Open Studios 19.09. from 2-8pm, 20.09. from 2-6pm. Screening in the context of the exhibition at 3 […]

  • Adelaine Di Nunzio

    Adelaine Di Nunzio

    born 1978 in Naples / 1997-2001 studies at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Naples, and 2002 /2004 studies at the Scuola di Fotografia Richard Bauer, Milan / 2020 living in Cologne and Naples / fine art and reportage photography / lecturer at the Gymnasium für Grafik und Fotografie Solo exhibitions 2019 La Pelle, Fondazione Morra, […]

  • Date me Digital – Samuel Capps, Diane Edwards, Eva Papamargariti, Evangelos Papadopoulos, Sebastian Thewes – Landscape

    The exhibition brought together different international artists who deal with the theme of nature and landscape. In animated videos, the artists referred to the human interaction with nature. In the Q18 space, there was an installation of analogue and digital elements that cross-fertilised each other. Curated by Wilko Austermann When? 19.06, 18-22 h, each Sunday […]

  • curator 2020: Wilko Austermann

    curator 2020: Wilko Austermann

    Wilko Austermann (*1990) studied art history at the HHU Düsseldorf and at the Sapienza in Rome. Since 2014 Austermann has been curating art projects in which he brings together artists on specific issues. The discourse on current themes, at exhibition venues with appropriate content, is important to him. Since 2017 Austermann has organized exhibitions at […]

  • 0176 63624947 – simon pfeffel

    0176 63624947 – simon pfeffel

    curated by Julia Thiemann. Opening: 11.October 2019 at 7.30 p.m.Duration: 12. October – 3. November 2019 Opening hours: sundays from 2-5 p.m.Finissage: 3. November at 3.30 p.m. In his solo exhibition “0176 63624947”, Simon Pfeffel (*1985 in Nuremberg) presents a site-specific installation to be performatively activated by the exhibition visitors*, which he developed especially for […]

  • Johanna Bruckner: BRITTLE STARS

    Johanna Bruckner: BRITTLE STARS

    23th of august – 15th of september 2019 BRITTLE STARS, the solo exhibition of the video and performance artist Johanna Bruckner (born in Vienna in 1984), deals with the social, political and socio-economic processes at play in digital networks and their exploitation on an emotional and financial level. Her dance-like sequence of movements reflects and […]

  • Emma Waltraud Howes: Scores for Daily Living

    Emma Waltraud Howes: Scores for Daily Living

    May 26–June 16, 2019, at Q18 The Canadian artist and dancer Emma Waltraud Howes is presenting her solo exhibition Scores for Daily Living at Q 18, which links internalized and externalized concepts in the form of movements in space with chalk drawings as notations on the floor. They resonate with inner narratives, life stories inscribed […]