OPEN CALL: Residency for dance artists

The Quartier am Hafen is open again for applications for the residency program in studio 0.10 from January to December 2020. The program aims to support artistic/professional development and provides professional working conditions for dance artists in the city of Cologne and two periods for dance artists from other regions.

The program offers a fully subsidized rehearsal space for a 1–3 week period with the option for showings and exchange formats to connect to other artists and build an audience. Professional dance artists, ensembles and collaborative dance-related projects located in Cologne may apply.

To support the regional network, we also host two residencies for artists outside of Cologne, offering the rehearsal space and accommodation for up to 3 guests (for bigger teams please contact us). The residency may be used for the following purposes:

  • Production-Rehearsal for a production with premiere in 2020
  • Methodic Research-Development of individual/collective practice and artistic profile
  • Conceptual Research
  • Physical try-outs for projects in conceptual phase. This is open for projects from choreography, interdisciplinary/performance, dance dissemination and cultural education with focus on dance

Important: The Residency Program does not provide technical support, cover travel costs or production costs for the artists. It only provides housing for the resident artists coming from outside of Cologne.

Types of Residencies:

The Residency Program for Atelier 0.10 is related to the formats of the house, including the exhibition in Q18 during the whole year, the QaH Festival in June 2020 and the Open Ateliers in September 2020. According to these, there are three types of residencies with specific time frames (details further below):

1. Residency/Showing in Atelier 0.10

2. Residency in Atelier 0.10

3. Short-term use of Atelier 0.11

Deadline: The call is open the whole year, no deadlines. Please send your proposal at least 4 months in advance. The team meets once a month to go over the applications for the Atelier 0.10.

Application Guidelines: Send an exposé with the following information (max. 2 DIN A4 papers):

  • Specific intention during the residency
  • Requested time period (according to fixed or open time periods)
  • A short biography of the artists involved

Selection Process for Residence in Atelier 0.10: The residents are selected by the artistic direction of the house. Criteria of the selection include artistic vision, proposal for residency intent, and thorough application


  • Fully subsidized use of the Tanzatelier 0.10 for a period of 1 to 3 weeks
  • Option for a self-organizedshowing
  • Option for a dialogue with other artists about the development and perspective of the work
  • Fully subsidized participation in the daily training organized by IG Profitraining  during the Residency



  • 01.-26.01.2020
  • 02.03.-05.04.2020
  • 11.-31.05.2020
  • 06.07.-30.08.2020
  • 05.10.-31.12.2020

For appplication or further need of information please contact