simon rummel & tina tonagel – erholung an bord

Curated by Lisa Bensel & Theresa Nink.

Three self-imagined instruments transformed Q18 into a slowly shifting and constantly changing sound space that invited visitors to linger. Without a defined beginning or set end, the motor-driven musical machines played themselves, generating a continuously transforming sound and light situation that remained unpredictable on the one hand and clearly legible in its conditionality on the other.

Combining traditional sculptural materials, wooden resonators, glass bulbs, strings from stringed instruments, and programmable electrical technology, the instruments became kinetic sculptures that modulated the space sonically and visually.
The exhibition invited visitors to expose themselves to a perceptual process, the duration of which they could decide for themselves.

The collaboration between composer Simon Rummel and media artist Tina Tonagel brought together different approaches to sound, space and visuality.

With the kind support of the SK Stiftung Kultur, the Kulturamt Köln of the City of Cologne and Westwerk Immobilien.

Images: © Alessandro de Matteis

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