Healing machine lab

While in residency with ZAIK Malin Gebken intends to work on the framing of an interactive dance piece as well as the transitioning between phases of experience within. How are people led through an experience? How are room settings used? And all of this to support changes in the mode of a showing. Based on research undertaken at Tanzfaktur, Cologne in 2017 she will select and develop interactive collective movement material that seems relevant to let the puplic move into certain energies.

The 20th of april at 7 pm Malin Gebken will show the results of her residency. The public will be active participants.
Malin Gebken (choreography and guide)
Mojra Vogelnik- Skerlj (dramaturgical advice)
Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo (sound composition)
 Foto (mit Credit): Siehe Mail vorher/ separat.