curator 2020: Wilko Austermann

Wilko Austermann (*1990) studied art history at the HHU Düsseldorf and at the Sapienza in Rome. Since 2014 Austermann has been curating art projects in which he brings together artists on specific issues. The discourse on current themes, at exhibition venues with appropriate content, is important to him. Since 2017 Austermann has organized exhibitions at the MMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach and the Krefelder Kunstverein. In 2018 he curated the show digital gods as part of the festival die digitale in Düsseldorf. Since then the art historian has been researching the influence of digital on art production. In 2020 Wilko Austermann curates four exhibitions in the Quartier am Hafen, which bring together digital artists on specific themes.


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