„Ghost.Scape / Beauty of none“

We proudly present Amanda Romero, who is traveling to Tel Aviv this fall as part of our collaboration with the Suzanne Dellal Centre!

What happens with a body when it dies? Energetically and biologically? Is this death a seed for a transformation?
What happens with a landscape when it dies? With a river? With a species? With a star or with a galaxy?

Amanda Romero digs deeper into the idea of a dead landscape, into the context of a dead space, fauna and body. Not with the perspective that death is an end, but more with the idea that from death new possibilities can take place. This thought is her base to enter imaginary ecosystems as a performative practice and as a proposition of alternative life possibilities from a feminist, decolonialist and neomaterialistic perspective. 

Her research aims to develop practices to integrate dead realities into our present time, with death seen as a momentum for transformation and as a key to sustainability. To imagine sustainable (unendless), feminist and decapitalized ecosystems we need bodies that are actually trying sustainble, feminist and decapitalized practices. 

How to integrate or revisit dead landscapes and environments, dead animals and species, dead societies and communities into our contemporary body and life form?

How can we be open to imagine other life forms or non hierarchical and non capitalist ecosystems? 

Can we get inspired by looking closer into species and systems that already exist or existed?


Amanda grew up in Lima, Peru and came 2013 to Germany to study contemporary dance at CCD in Cologne. After her studies she started working with Ursina Tossi in Kampnagel since 2019 and parallelly to create own and collaborative works (INKUBATOR-Residenz Tanzfaktur, Choreographische Dialoge PACT, Tanzresidenz Quartier am Hafen, Sprungbrett Tanzrecherche tanz nrw).

As co-founder of .Dencuentro collective, together with Greta Salgado and Constanza Ruiz, they have shown their work at PACT, tanzhaus nrw, Ringlokschuppen, Tanzfaktur, Theater im Ballsaal and soon in “favoriten Festival”.

This autumn she will be a resident at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv. 

Her interest lies in the human body as biological matter, as a phenomenon of nature, as a fragile and ephemeral combination of cells in a specific system. Human being as a perceiving and reacting animal, with all its senses and materia. The human body as a collective body.

She works interdisciplinary with video, photography and music. 

As a performer, she has also worked with artists such as Malin Harff, Marje Hirvonen, Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja, Margherite Windblut, Zafer Tursun, Rafaele Giovanola, Alma Miranda, Stefan Panhans & Andrea Winkler, Thies Mynther, Jacqueline Hen.


Photos: (c) Niclas Weber

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