Sabine Bokelberg & Bert Didillion – Ideal X

In decision theory, there is a decision logic that can be used in situations of uncertainty. It is called effectuation.

Instead of acting in a goal- and future-oriented way, the actors start from the given circumstances, the available means and their own possibilities. Coincidences and the unexpected are considered as a possibility and can flow into the work process.

In this sense, Sabine Bokelberg and Bert Didillon let themselves be drawn into the given circumstances. After initial inspections of the exhibition space, the exploration of the surroundings of the Quartier am Hafens and previous research, they embarked on an artistic process together.

There was an exchange by mail, by phone and by sending packages between Berlin and Cologne with materials, ideas and sketches. This is how they came up with the title. IDEAL X is the name of one of the first container ships.
At the same time, the X in mathematics stands for a variable of unknown content.

“IDEAL X – ideal of the unknown – experiment – mystery – variable – container ship. For us, many things collide here that sound exciting. Ideal X promises something and lets this promise appear as a free-standing X, an invitation to engage in a game with a / something unknown.” explains Bokelberg.

Within this set framework, they responded to space, material and developed the exhibition step by step in a constant dialogue.

Photos: Martin Plüddermann

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