Tanja Goethe & Christian Odzuck

The artists Tanja Goethe and Christian Odzuck combined their common interest in the processes of the city in the conception of a work for the public outdoor space of the Quartier am Hafen.

The starting point for Terrassino Poll is very concrete. Plastic stools, as they are ubiquitously found in non-European countries as loose arrangements in the city, function as building material. Through these, self-developed open spaces with a high informal urban quality are created.

A stepped block that grows lightly and filigree upwards. A repetition of the always same model of a plastic stool. The sculpture is left to the process of time and the struts are overgrown by fruit bearing vines.

Following her interest in wasteland and parkland, Goethe plays with the possibilities that actors, history and components such as soil, plants and buildings bring to urban space, extracting images for transformations of these places from her research.

She also developed the exhibition series “Gustavs Park” as an artist curator. In addition to the works of other artists, her permanent installation “Khave Molasi” was built in front of the Maschinenhaus Essen in 2015 – a seating group made of ceramic and concrete casts of a plastic stool. In Cologne, she is currently working on a project for the Raderberger Brache.

The starting point for Christian Odzuck’s artistic work is an interest in processes of perception and the question of how reality emerges in social, societal and economic contexts. Through an interdisciplinary approach he works in the intermediate area of fine arts, architecture and design. Modular systems with repetitive forms form an important part in the construction of his architectural structures. On the other hand, in 2013 in Mönchengladbach and 2015 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, large concrete structures were created as pavilion architectures that very manifestly convey his subtle approach to bricollage.

The installation could be seen permanently in the outdoor area of the Quartier am Hafen.

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