Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies

Opening: Friday, 18 th of February 2022 from 6-10 pm
Duration: February 19th to March 12th, 2022
Opening hours: Sat 2-5 pm
Guided tours: by appointment Registration:
Finissage: 12th of March 2022 from 3-6 pm

Longing for Paradise is the first installment of the four-part exhibition series ReiseBüro by the curatorial team Julia Möbus-Puck and Elisabeth Windisch at Quartier am Hafen.

The paradisiacal finds pleasurable attention in the symbolic language of Katja Tönnissen‘s works in tropical quotations. Palm trees, shells, romantic beauties let us enter the place of longing paradise, projection surface of all our wishes.
Sara Hoffmann lets exotic potted plants become the main characters. Her video works use a sober, almost documentary precision and open up surprisingly irritating perspectives.
The documentary view is also characteristic of Christoph Stallkamp. At first glance, the photo series Munsu Water Park differs little from tourist snapshots from a leisure idyll somewhere in Asia. Possibly post-communist. Possibly North Korea.
Sculptor Kristin Wenzel takes us on a journey back to her childhood. She shows a fragment of the exhibition The Near and the Elsewhere and, by alluding to architectural elements of the past, builds a bridge to the present and asks questions about the future. ReiseBüro – Sehnsucht nach dem Paradies is a multimedia exhibition that skilfully plays with our expectations of the promise of redemption and yet invites us to dream of being elsewhere.

The Atelierhaus Quartier am Hafen presents quarterly solo and group exhibitions by invited artists from various disciplines.
With the kind support of the cultural departement of the City of Cologne and Quartier am Hafen.

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