Luca Bosani: The Three jars

Luca Bosani (born 1990 in Rho, Italy, lives and works in London) deals with clichés within society. In his performances he picks up old dance movements, which he playfully abstracts and questions their meaning. For the exhibition project, the artist developed a new work with dance actors on site that relates to the theme of collective labor. Bosani picked up on the lifestyle of bees in the performance, which follow a clear structure. The artist creates an installation with sculptural costumes for the project.
Performers: Luca Bosani, Bettina Nampé, Harrison Rodrigues Gomes dos Santos

Friday, 10.09.21, 7pm – Performance (Vernissage)
Saturday, 11.09.21, 2pm-5pm
Sunday, 12.09.21, 4pm – Talk (open from 12pm-5pm).

Luca Bosani lives and works in London and Milan . The artist has exhibited numerous times in the country and abroad. Such as. In C0034: The Gargantuan Shoe, San Mei Gallery, London, Too Early to Love You, Too Late To Kiss You, Tate Britain, (London, 2019), STRIP at Lewisham Arthouse (London, 2019), Knaves of Radiance (painting) at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall (London, 2019), Knaves of Radiance (Bolan edition) commissioned by Nine Elms & Art in Embassies at Nine Elms Pavilion (London, 2018), Performing the unknown, Hortensia Gallery (London, 2018), I-YOU at Fabbrica del Vapore, (Milan, 2015). Selected group exhibitions include: Collection n°11 at Interior and the Collectors (Lyon, 2020), Platform Projects at Sepersepuluh Jakarta, Greece (Athens, 2019), Singolar tenzone II, at Kunstraum (London, 2019), Score! at Beaconsfield Gallery (London, 2019), Knaves of Radiance (Bipotential stage) at Subsidiary Projects (London, 2018), Knaves of Radiance (Food edition) at Guest Projects (London, 2018). Luca Bosani completed an MA in Performance at the Royal College of Art in London in 2017.


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