Fellows 2018: residency exchange program Colonge/Marrakech

Our new fellows for 2018:

Hanane El Farissi (*1990 in Skhirate, Morocco lives and works in Rabat and Brussels) studied Fine Arts and Instrument and Theory in Morocco and Europe. She holds a Bachelor degree from the National Institute of Fine Art, Tetouan, Morocco and a Master degree from the High National School Of Visual Art La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium. Her sculptural work, installations and performances are based on everyday objects and gestures, often domestic, attributed to the female. The construction of the individual, what defines him or her and the memory build the focus of her artistic approach. Through multiple mediums, she scrutinizes the shackles of stereotypes and representations. The artist also seeks from trivial or anecdotal facts to question the values that govern the functioning of our contemporary taste and spirit.

As fellow 2018 of the QQ Residency Exchange Program of Quartier am Hafen Cologne and Queens Collective in Marrakech Morocco, Hanane El Farissi will stay in Cologne June/July 2018 and collaborate with the Cologne based artist Tessa Knapp in Marrakech and Cologne. The Program was initiated by the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne.

Tessa Knapp (* 1981 in Stuttgart, lives and works in Cologne) studied at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts and graduated in 2007 with honors from Marcel Odenbach, Matthias Müller and Siegfried Zielinski. Her works vary across disciplines in the fields of installation, experimental film and video art. Formal austerity often characterizes her multimedia work, which reflects aspects of everyday life against the background of different cultures.

In addition to numerous international exhibitions and screenings, Knapp received the Zonta Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen for her video work “99 Beautiful”, which she realized during her Atelier Galata scholarship in Istanbul. In 2016 she presented the solo presentation “Voices” in the Cologne Artothek and travelled to Armenia and Georgia as a scholarship holder of the Women’s Culture Office NRW.

Since 2009, the artist cooperates in interdisciplinary and inclusive productions with choreographers, sound artists and dancers, such as in Nairobi and Johannesburg. As a scholarship holder of the QQ Residency Exchange Program of the Quartier am Hafen Cologne and Queens Collective in Marrakech Morocco, Knapp will travel to Marrakech in May/June 2018 and work with the Moroccan artist Hanane El Farissi in Marrakech and Cologne.

(foto Tessa Knapp by Katharina Maderthaner)