Evamaria Schaller & Simohammed Fettaka

DOZE is a cooperation between the scholarship holders Evamaria Schaller from Cologne and Simohammed Fettaka from Marrakech, which was developed during the first phase of the residency exchange in Morocco in May 2017 and the current second phase in Cologne. “As in Morocco also in Germany the road and landscape becomes a train of thoughts and represents our way of process orientated art creation.” Evamaria Schaller comes from Austria and lives in Cologne, Germany

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Her works, which show performative, cinematic and installation aspects, are mostly site-specific. Daily actions but also absurdities, transformation and decontextualization of material and objects are in the foreground. Schaller understands her body as a unit of measurement and thus develops time-based sculptures. The artist is one of the founding members of the Performance Art Network PAErsche. She often works within artistic processes based on collaboration. Simohammed Fettaka from Tangier, Morocco, works interdisciplinary. He studied philosophy and signal processing in Morocco. He trained as a filmmaker La Femis, Paris. He founded the annual film festival “Cinema Nachia” in Tangier. Starting from the medium of film, Fettaka works with photography and collage and thus extends installations, sound and performance. The focus of his work is the reflection on the image and its representation.

QQ – Residency Exchange Programs

The programme brings artists from Morocco and Cologne together in two phases of five weeks in a bilateral exchange. The programme is aimed at artists with an interest and desire for interdisciplinary work, intercultural dialogue, collective research, collaboration and joint reflection within different social, structural and cultural contexts.



Credits: DOZE, Still, Marrakech – Cologne, QQ Residency Exchange 2017,

Photo: Simoehammed Fettaka, Film: Evamaria Schaller

Supported by the Cultural Office (Kulturamt) from the city Cologne

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