Date me Digital – Olga Federova, Robert Olawuyi, Pascal Sender – Virtual Body

The last exhibition in the series Date me Digital is dedicated to the digital body. How do the artists approach the human being with different digital techniques? How does this representation differ from our image and our familiar surroundings?

Where: Q18, exhibition space Quartier am Hafen

The exhibition opens Digital on 8.01.21 at 6 pm at the following link:

10.01: Natalia Jordanova
17.01: Theo Triantafyllidis
24.01:Julie Béna


In her animations and lenticular prints, Olga Federova creates virtual bodies in spaces that are supposedly familiar to us. In her work Federova draws on art-historical formal vocabulary and links this with symbols of our time. The artist studied art in Brussels and lives there. For the exhibition, the artist is developing a site-specific virtual animation and new moving images.

Pascal Sender studied at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts in London. The artist combines analogous painting with virtual experience. His pictures wake up with his cell phone and unfold in digital space. In the show, the artist combines various forms of representation of the body. Virtually created figures enter into a dialogue with his painterly gesture. Sender also shows a new sculpture, which was created with the help of a 3D printer.

Robert Olawuyi

The artist develops video installations, often on the borderline between figuration and abstraction, in which perception becomes visible as a process of reflection. If the video material is created with the help of a recording device, it is irrelevant whether it was recorded or found. Its meaning only emerges in the process of digital editing. Robert Olawuyi understands the video loop as an extended moment of cognition that breaks up the idea of linear time. The work The Ladder presents a body built of many small spheres that rises up a ladder.

The exhibition is supported by the City of Cologne, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Quartier am Hafen.

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