Date me Digital – Björn Schülke, Alex Grein, Jon Shelton – Surveillance

14.02.2020 – 01.03.2020
Vernissage: 14. 02.2020 at 7.30 pm
Welcome and introduction: Wilko Austermann, curator of the exhibition
Opening hours: Sundays 14-17 h
Finissage: 01.03.2020 at 3.30 pm

The exhibition project Date me Digital showed different aspects of digital art in four consecutive projects. International artists were presented in dialogue with media artists from NRW. The title Date me Digital referred to the immersion in the four thematic fields of art Surveillance, Virtual Body, Digital Landscape and Story Telling, and the current use of digital media in relation to “dating”. The project took place in the exhibition space Q18 of the Atelierhaus Quartier am Hafen. The exchange with local artists was initiated by a changing screening programme. The exhibitions and digital performances were intensively communicated on site and via social media. The first exhibition Date me Digital -Björn Schülke, Alex Grein, Jon Shelton – Surveillance presented the multi-layered theme of surveillance through different media of art.

In the everyday use of the smartphone, apps collect data that is used for commercial purposes. Surveillance cameras in our environment store footage and analyse it. Satellite images and Google Streetview make it possible to digitally experience and observe large parts of the world. Many contemporary artists take up the aspect of surveillance and digitalisation through different media. The compilation of the positions Björn Schülke, Alex Grein and Jon Shelton made clear the different ways of dealing with the digital within art production.

Screening of the exhibition:

16.02: Julian Palacz
23.02: Julia Weißenberg
01.03: Robert Olawuiy


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