Cologne / Tel Aviv


A German-Israeli cooperation with dance artists* from NRW and the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre in Tel Aviv

.The collaborative project ENTERING SPACES pools the energies of Cologne’s Quartier am Hafen and Israel’s Suzanne Dellal Centre (Tel Aviv) to provide intercultural exchange for emerging choreographers/dance artists through ongoing residencies. The goal of the joint mission is to support choreographers* in their artistic practice, to develop it further, and to strengthen their international artistic profile and network.

Each of the two institutions brings its expertise and unique resources to create artistic opportunities in the form of creative and performance residencies for young dance artists*, with a respective focus on collaboration with local (NRW) artists* and communities.

The name of this cooperation is to be taken literally: In both individual and collective residencies in both countries and institutions, new performative/cultural places are entered in order to perpetuate the insights generated in the course of these processes in targeted discourses and expanded artistic collaborations. Choreographic/dance quality and intercultural exchange are at the heart of the cooperation.

The 2021 pilot project in Cologne has already demonstrated the potential of this cooperation. Despite all the Corona-related difficulties in the run-up, it was a groẞer success on many levels. The exchange program gave the young choreographer Annabelle Dvir with the two dancers Adi Eytan and the opportunity to work focused on new ideas, to show them to the Cologne/NRW audience on a total of 3 evenings (in the TanzFaktur Cologne and the festival “LaCorrupta”) and to network in the dance scene of NRW. The success was not without result: the audience was enthusiastic.

The pilot phase was sponsored by the Office of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for Economics, Science, Education, Youth and Culture in Israel

Photos: Alessandro De Matteis