Cologne / Salvador

Lia Cunha is actual fellow of the residency exchange programme between Quartier am Hafen, Cologne and Goethe-Institute, Vila Sul, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The residency is marked by the cooperation with artists from Cologne and their integration within existing collective and longterm-based work processes and exchange on e.g. artists books, walks, interdisciplinary investigations.

Lia Cunha (*1987 in Salvador Bahia, Brazil) develops collaborative projects on integrated arts, investigates the artist’s book in its interdisciplinary possibilities through the label „Duna“, atelier and artist’s publishing house specialized in object books, artists’s books, illustrated books, children’s books and musical publications.
She is Interested in „non-places“ as well as the possibilities of the walk as a aesthetic and poetic practice.

Supported by the city of Cologne