Current Exhibition and Archive of the Q18 Space

  • simon rummel & tina tonagel – erholung an bord

  • Curated by Lisa Bensel & Theresa Nink. Three self-imagined instruments transformed Q18 into a slowly shifting and constantly changing sound space that invited visitors to linger. Without a defined beginning or set end, the motor-driven musical machines played themselves, generating a continuously transforming sound and light situation that remained unpredictable on the one hand and […]

  • curator 2014: Lisa Bensel

  • Born in Freiburg in 1988, she returned to Germany in 2012 after a 5-year stay in the Netherlands. She studied Fine Arts in Den Bosch and Porto and has initiated or supported cultural and artistic projects since 2011. She is currently in charge of the situational exhibition project “Searching for the White Cube” in Bochum […]

  • curator 2013: Anne Mager

  • Anne Mager (born 1981) works as a freelance curator, art manager and lecturer. She studied communication and cultural sciences, art history and international art management in Münster, Cologne and Düsseldorf. Since 2008 she has organised the interdisciplinary art festival “new talents – biennale cologne” as well as other art and exhibition projects (including the Quartier […]