People working in, at and around QaH

  • Eveline Markstein

  • born 1949 in Wolfen / until 1991 active in the field of international vocational education and training / 1992 – 97 studied sculpture at the Alanus-Hochschule in Alfter / 1993 assistant to Takamasa Kuniysu, major artistic project on the occasion of the Winter Olympics in Norway  Exhibitions 1997 Remove and opening of the studio / […]

  • Ben Hammer

  • Born in 1990, Ben Hammer discovered the Internet at the age of 14. He started blogging in 2010 and ran one of the most successful German photography blogs until 2016. In the meantime, he has found his way to photography and accompanies mostly musicians with his camera. In his studio on the third floor he […]

  • Tomoko Sato

  • 1974 Born in Kurashiki, Japan / 1993–99 Studied Visual arts education and history of art, M.A., Kobe University (J) / 2008-09 Awarded the 2nd Shuou Fund Scholarship, stay in Germany / 2005 Excellence award at Kurashiki Gendai Art Biennale Selected exhibitions since 2010 2017 „Schicht – Sicht, Farbe – Licht” Kulturtverein Burscheid / 2016 LADS Gallery, Osaka (J) / 2015 The […]

  • Julius Schmiedel

  • Julius Schmiedel is an artist exploring how light and color change perception of space. He has also been developing works to deploy in public spaces. His installations involve appropriating electronic products as well as designing and building lights and circuitry. Most works bring Art and Science together, installations resemble open experimental setups more than they are […]