• Marianne Lindow

    Marianne Lindow

    Born in Bensberg in 1962 studied “Visual Communication” at the “International School of Design”, Cologne and the “Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences” with Prof. Uwe Loesch. exhibitions, performances, scholarships (selection) […]

  • Michael Peltzer

    Michael Peltzer

    curriculum vitae born on 25.12.1977 in Bonn / 2001-2009 studied fine arts at the Academy of Art Münster with professors Gunther Keusen, Daniele Buetti and Michael van Ofen / 2006 […]

  • Michael Baumann

    Michael Baumann

    1976 born in Würzburg / 1998-2002 studied electronic composition at the ICEM of the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen, with Ludger Brümmer, Dirk Reith and Nikolaus A. Huber / since 2002 independent visual […]

  • Kim Collmer

    Kim Collmer

    2001 Master Diploma, School of the Art Institute of Chicago/ Her works are exhibited internationally, including at White Columns, New York, at Arsenal, Berlin, Gene and Temporary Gallery, Cologne/ Lecturer, […]

  • Karl Heinz Kreuzberg

    Karl Heinz Kreuzberg

    Born 1959 in Bonn / training as wood mechanic 1976-1979 / study at the FH / Cologne, conservation and restoration of furniture and wooden objects 1989 – 1993 / study […]

  • Karin Kutsch

    Karin Kutsch

    1964 born in Cologne / 1986-1992 studied architecture in Aachen Focus draft/design 1992-1998 worked as an architect in Cologne and Düsseldorf / lives and works in Cologne exhibitions 1998 lux-art, […]

  • Lissy Winterhoff

    Lissy Winterhoff

    1953 born / 1974-1994 studied at the University of Applied Sciences for Art/Design Cologne / Photography, Free Graphics. Final examination / master student of P. Sovák / 1981-1989 studies at […]

  • Karl Haupt

    Karl Haupt

    Originally from New York, USA; has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Paris, Belgrade, Amsterdam and Cologne / Masters in Film Directing from the New York University […]

  • Philipp Dreber

    Philipp Dreber

    2010 Diploma as object designer at the HS Niederrhein / 2008 1st prize “Art for Alsdorf” / 2007 Culture Xchange Project. German-Finnish partner project of the Hochschule Niederrhein and the […]

  • Sebastian H. Schroeder

    Sebastian H. Schroeder

    born 1988 in Bonn / 2011 graduation as a journeyman photographer / since 2011 study of fine arts at the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf with Prof. Marcel Odenbach / 2013 […]

  • Martin Hesselmeier

    Martin Hesselmeier

    * 1978 in Schwetzingen / studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, University of Design Mannheim / Martin Hesselmeier lives and works in Cologne. awards and scholarships (selection) 1st […]

  • Veronika Moos

    Veronika Moos

    Experimenting with space, movement, light, shadow and structures in a reduced formal language – this is the basis of my artistic work. I see myself as a sculptor and draftswoman, […]

  • Sumi Kim

    Sumi Kim

    1983 born in South Korea / 2009-2016 studies at the Academy of Arts Münster / 2019-2020 Now! Young Painting in Germany, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz – Museum Gunzenhauser, Museum Wiesbaden […]

  • Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte

    Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte

    Silvia Ehnis Pérez Duarte was born in Mexico City in 1985. She currently lives and works between Cologne and Bochum. She received a classical dance education in her hometown, and […]

  • Lyoudmila Milanova

    Lyoudmila Milanova

    In my artistic practice I deal with energy and natural phenomena and the relationship between nature and artificiality. Often it is ephemeral substances such as fog, clouds, light or the […]

  • Andreas Bausch

    Andreas Bausch

    1966 born in Wiesbaden / 1987-93 art studies at the University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design, Cologne, painting with Professor Karl Marx (master student) and film with Robert […]

  • Judith Ganz

    Judith Ganz

    1964 born in Düsseldorf / 1985-91 studied fine arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Roland Dörfler and Ben Willikens / 1991 diploma and master student / stay in […]

  • Ali Zülfikar

    Ali Zülfikar

    Ali Zülfikar was born in 1971 in Milelis, Turkey. He studied at Firat University in Elazig under the famous Turkish painter, Prof. Memduh Kuzay. He has been a member since […]

  • Eveline Markstein

    Eveline Markstein

    born 1949 in Wolfen / until 1991 active in the field of international vocational education and training / 1992 – 97 studied sculpture at the Alanus-Hochschule in Alfter / 1993 […]

  • Ben Hammer

    Born in 1990, Ben Hammer discovered the Internet at the age of 14. He started blogging in 2010 and ran one of the most successful German photography blogs until 2016. […]