Caroline Bayer – Depot

Caroline Bayer (born 1973 in Stolberg, Rhineland, lives and works in Berlin) goes in search of traces in her works. In her drawings, objects and installations, she explores urban space, its patterns and visual structures of order. She picks up architectural set pieces – façade elements, floor plans, functional constructions or existing spatial ordering systems – of the surroundings, analyzes and reduces them to their basic forms and places them in a new aesthetic context.

For her solo exhibition in the Quartier am Hafen, the surrounding industrial landscape was also the starting point for the exhibition concept. CarolineBayer went on a journey of discovery through the harbor area on the right bank of the Rhine and transferred the structures she found into the exhibition space Q18. At first glance, the elements of her expansive grid structures shown here seemed like Morse codes or musical scores. The reduced black and white grid modules picked up on the rhythms of the surrounding architecture, freight train tracks and industrial wastelands and formed a visual recomposition that could be read by the viewer like codes, characters or notations.

With ‘depot’ in the exhibition space Q18, Caroline Bayer implemented a site- and space-related concept that referred to the surrounding area and its specific character, thus creating a connection between inside and outside.

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