Ben Hammer

Born in 1990, Ben Hammer discovered the Internet at the age of 14. He started blogging in 2010 and ran one of the most successful German photography blogs until 2016. In the meantime, he has found his way to photography and accompanies mostly musicians with his camera. In his studio on the third floor he creates free photo projects, exhibitions and, most recently, his first illustrated book, which he financed in 2016 with the help of his web community via crowdfunding and realized with the help of other artists here in the building. Like his creative field, his studio is also in a state of constant change.


2014 Randnotizen, Stilwerk Berlin // 2015 Nudelines, Museum für verwandte Kunst Köln // 2015 Nudelines, Photocircle Berlin  // 2016 Travelnotes, Offenen Ateliers Köln  // 2017 Auf ein Kölsch, Museumsnacht Köln  // 2017 HUAWEI Gallery Berlin 

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