Ali Zülfikar

Ali Zülfikar was born in 1971 in Milelis, Turkey. He studied at Firat University in Elazig under the famous Turkish painter, Prof. Memduh Kuzay. He has been a member since 2018 ©VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Ali Zülfikar’s works have been admired by numerous art connoisseurs worldwide for many years. So far, they have been shown in about 170 different international solo and group exhibitions and museums.

Ali Zülfikar was nominated “Artist of the Year” by the Turkish Ministry of Culture in 2017, but according to his own statement, the artist refuses to accept the award.

Ali Zülfikar portrays people with the pencil in larger-than-life dimensions, impressively depicting the physicality of the human face. Characters of extraordinary presence become visible. For Ali Zülfikar, artistic creation is in a special way a space of freedom, a fact that was recently made tangible to a broad public in his critical portrait of Erdogan, which was shown in an exhibition in Linz. The masterly large-format, detailed portrait drawings on canvas and handmade paper as well as paintings with traditional Turkish plant-based wool paint (whose composition is a secret and Zülfikar’s invention) characterize his top-class painting style. He weaves his observation and sensation into the canvas with his pen with the precision of a surgeon in each of his portraits.

Exhibition (selection)

2020 | Duisburg Art Association | Arp Hanau Gallery | House of the Netherlands in Münster | Cultural Church East Cologne |
2019 | Hunstenkunst Stiftung Ulft | Kunstverein Offenbach | Emschertal- Museum- Herne | Gallery Augarde in Daun | Discovery Artfair Cologne | 2018 | Kunstverein Wesseling “11th artpreis” | Stadthalle Linz | Gallery 1831 in Paris | 2017 | ST. ART Salzbourg in France | Galerie Art Monopol Salzburg | Huntenkunst | Sveta Art Gallery Frankfurt | 2016 | Kölner Liste – Contemporary Artfair | Kunststiftung Huntenkunst Ulft | Kunsthalle kühlungsborn | Kunstverein Offenach | 1831 Gallery in Paris | 2015 | Berliner List | Stadtgalerie Weisser Turm Ahrweiler | Gallery Orangerie Heiligendam | Gallery Different in London | Kunsthaus Schöne Andernach | 2014 | Cologne Paper Art | Gallery Kunsthaus Schöne in Andernach | Gallery Zeugma Cologne 2014 | Cutlog Artfair Paris | Rautenstrauch- Joest Museum Cologne | Arte Arezzo | 2013 | Gallery Different London | Arte Immagina Artfair Reggio Emila, Italy | Galleria Borghese di Mentana, Roma | 2012 | Affordable Contemporary Art Hamburg | paralax london 2012 | artberlin in berlin 2012 | Art Expo Arezzo | “Le Ciminiere” Exhibition Centre – Viale Africa no. 12, Catania | Gallery Hördeburg – Dortmund | 2011 | Auction Dominique Stall in Paris 2011 | Städtische Gallery Wesseling | 2010 | Gallery Opera Budapest | Gallery Artspace K2 Remagen | Art Fair Istanbul | One Artist Show Art innsbruck |

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