Adelaine Di Nunzio

born 1978 in Naples / 1997-2001 studies at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Naples, and 2002 /2004 studies at the Scuola di Fotografia Richard Bauer, Milan / 2020 living in Cologne and Naples / fine art and reportage photography / lecturer at the Gymnasium für Grafik und Fotografie

Solo exhibitions

2019 La Pelle, Fondazione Morra, Naples/ La città nascosta, Gallery Febo & Dafne, Torino / 2018 La Pelle, Gallery 21, Cologne / 2016 Unfinished, Architetture Criminali, Gallery La Mediterranea, Naples/ “Dee e Dei part two”, Arké Gallery, Locri (Reggio Calabria)/ 2014 Dee e Dei, Museo Archeologico Locri (Reggio Calabria)/2013 Dee e Dei, Art Gallery Çukurcuma, Istanbul and Gallery Primopiano, Naples / 2012 Amazons of Africa, Benin of women, P. A.N, Palazzo delle Arti, Naples and City Hall, Pompei

Group exhibitions

2020 Mater Nostra , Palazzo Ferrari, Parabita, Lecce/ 2018 PortfolioWalk NRW Düsseldorf – DFA Hamburg / 2017: “Auswege der Wirklichkeit”, Caprigarage, Düsseldorf / “Dreaming Italia”, Castel dell ‘Ovo, Naples / 2016: “The Becoming Connections project”, Palermo / HERE, Palazzo della Cavallerizza, Turin / Suzzara Prize, Noplace, Suzzara (Mantua) / 2015: “Border Line”, Bilotti Museum, Rome / N. A.F., Naples Art Fair, Primopiano Gallery /Artlante Vesuviano, Tekla, Sarno (Salerno) / Resurrectio, Arezzo/Gallery Unusual, Caserta / 2014: Photissima, Turin, / Roberto Capanna Award, Museum San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome / 2013: Med Photo Festival, Catania / The Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition, Somerset, London / 2012: Federculture, Rome / “Green Dreams” Pomona Temple, Salerno / “N. I.N.A. New image of Neapolitan art”, P.A.N Palazzo delle Arti, Naples / 2011: Venice Biennale / 150 United Italy, Palazzo Reale, Turin


2020 “Architetture Criminali” photo book, Crowdbooks/ 2018 Theatre of Real life Vol. 12, Lichtblick School Cologne / 2016 “Unfinished, Architetture Criminali” catalogue art gallery “La Mediterranea” / 2015 Mythos & Arte & Photo, Iemme Verlag, Italy


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