pain mirrors

„pain mirrors“
concept / performance Hannah Krebs (Hanna Else), Thea Soti
light / video Moritz Marquardt

Let´s talk about it. You and me. I want to take you out for a walk. We could discuss things that I already know but you still don’t want to understand. Body Shaming. Fear to be ugly. Fat? You can take a rest, but you will always be there. You can go on holiday, but there’s no holiday from your body. This body is not private. It got political the day, you have realised that you are a woman. Or, was it the day, you were born? In the end, it might happen that we treat pain as if it were the only real thing. An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.

Hannah Krebs and Thea Soti are two Cologne-based artists who often work at the intersection of movement, sound and performance. They are both dedicated to investigating new forms of contemporary theatre where performative and audiovisual arts daringly merge together to create a more extreme level of artistic expression. Strongly convinced by the fact that in order to properly address our modern society and challenge our present-time socio-political issues, only a new form of presentation can really keep up.

This performance is the studio showing of their 3-week residency at ZAIK / Atelierhaus Quartier Am Hafen, illustrating the current stage of their research. A personal reflection about present-time eating disorders, corporeality and beauty myths presented in an installative performance, mixing movement, noise, spoken-word poetry and new-age media.


Freitag  25.5.2019 um 19 Uhr
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