Künstler/innen im Quartier: Michael Stone

Die Vorstellungsrunde durchs Quartier am Hafen geht heute weiter mit dem Artist in Residence-Künstler MICHAEL STONE:

My name is Michael Stone and I am an aspiring choreographer at the end of my Master’s Degree study in Arts and Cultural Management at Canterbury Christ Church University. I am highly influenced by dance companies and choreographers such as Pina Bausch, Merce Cunningham, Jiri Killian and Les Ballet C de la B. I also am influenced by non-dance practitioners such as the theorist, Carl Jung and composer, John Cage. The influences and input from other creatives is in my opinion vital, as it allows one to view ones own work from the perspective of others. 

Throughout my dance experience I have been taught by and involved in workshops, placements and choreographic endeavours with practitioners such as Matthias Sperling, Ash Mukherjee, and Nina Atkinson. I believe these experiences have allowed for my own creative development and encouraged me to understand my own creative expression and value. I also have been featured in a small local arts magazine „Steal This Magazine“ as well as having choreographic works featured in the Canterbury Festival for two years running.

I enjoy the use of cross-collaborative disciplines such as technology, photography, visual arts and filmography throughout my choreographic work. In my opinion this has the potential to allow for a more universal understanding of creative work and a chance to experience and alter viewpoints and ideas, in regards to; audience, dance and the choreographer.

Fotos: Jennifer Braun



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