Fellows 2018: residency exchange program Colonge/Marrakech

Our new fellows for 2018: Hanane El Farissi (*1990 in Skhirate, Morocco lives and works in Rabat and Brussels) studied Fine Arts and Instrument and Theory in Morocco and Europe. She holds a Bachelor degree from the National Institute of Fine Art, Tetouan, Morocco and a Master degree from the High National School Of Visual […]

we are not the only objects in this room

Dance: Celine Bellut, Carla Jordão Music: Vassil Damjanov Stage design: Saskia Holte 8th of july 2018 at 4.30 p.m. Performance The ease and speed with which we can communicate in the world today affects our lives and changes our relationship to the concept of time. Today we have the ability to record and process information with […]

Healing machine lab

While in residency with ZAIK Malin Gebken intends to work on the framing of an interactive dance piece as well as the transitioning between phases of experience within. How are people led through an experience? How are room settings used? And all of this to support changes in the mode of a showing. Based on […]


Michael Stockhausen studied Art History and Literary Studies. Since 2014 he is working as a lecturer at the Department of Art History at the University of Bonn, Germany. In his research and teaching he focuses on modern art, contemporary art and art theory. Stockhausen worked for the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (art collection of North Rhine Westphalia), […]

OPEN CALL – Residence Exchange Program

Tandem Residency–Exchange Program 5 Weeks Marrakech/Morocco + 5 Weeks Cologne/Germany The bilateral program facilitates the encounter of one Moroccan and one German multidisciplinary artist with a high interest in cross-cultural exchange and the shared desire to research, work and reflect on individual and collective initiatives through artistic work as well as critical discussions. This residency […]