Köln / Kyoto

Residency Exchange Programm
A cooperation of
Quartier am Hafen, Cologne – Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
Artists in Residency
Kyoko Nomura & Yuki Roda (Kyoto)
SPREADING FEAR (Working Title)

As part of the new residency exchange program between Quartier am Hafen Cologne and Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto Japan, the dancer and choreographer duo KYOKO NOMURA & YUKI GODA from Kyoto haven been guests in Cologne from November 2018 to the end of January 2019. In cooperation with the dancers MARJE HIRVONEN (Cologne), MARIA MERCEDES FLORES (Cologne), NIKOS KONSTANTAKIS (Cologne), DARIUS BOGDANOWICZ (Brussels) and the visual artist MARIANNE LINDOW (Cologne), the theme “fear“ has been explored from different cultural backgrounds and experiences in order to jointly develop a performance in five individual solos, complemented by visual art works within the setting.

The Work in Progress of the project was shown at KYOTOBAR in Cologne on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th January 2019, at 7 pm.

FEAR is co-produced by Quartier am Hafen and Kyoto Art Center
Funded by Quartier am Hafen, Cologne
Credits: Photos by Alec Crichton
In cooperation with