Artists of the Quartier am Hafen present themselves:

Pictures, Collages and Photos
by Karl Haupt

Freitag: 23.März um 19 Uhr Vernissage
Samstag: 24.März von 15-19 Uhr
Sonntag: 25. März von 14-18 Uhr
bis zum 28.März nach Vereinbarung

Karl Haupt uses different possibilities to achieve new and artistic image content for his photo material. He always has applied a painterly view oriented towards a narrative level in his work, therefore Haupt sees his photos more like paintings. For him the meaning of images and image language are in the foreground, where composition and aesthetics support Haupt’s viewpoint.

Digital image processing is one of several methods that Haupt uses to emphasize content in an image and to bring out a new picture meaning. As in his China-series, Haupt makes some of his photos appear like Chinese wood prints, or will make social message banners appear even more explicit to underline the picture meaning or message.

A further method of his are double exposures of analogue film material that Haupt uses according to an unique concept he developed. A film negative is exposed twice, the second exposure takes place at least three months after the first one, and preferably in a different country. The rationale for this seemingly bizarre rule is to give Haupt enough time to find the right second exposure that really fits in order to give the final picture a new and satisfactory meaning. See

Furthermore, Haupt uses digital collage techniques to gain new picture meanings from different image fragments, a method based on classic collages in the vein of the German artist Max Ernst.

The material that his images are printed on also play an important role. Haupt frequently uses PVC banner material, which is normally used for commercial advertisement banners. He also employs the usual grommets for such advertisement banners, thus his pictures are without frames and are loosely hung on a wall by a few nails. This casual and informal way of picture presentation seems to clash with Haupts concept-oriented view, but apparently they compliment each other blithely.

But first and foremost is the photography, indispensable for Haupt‘s art. Strong image language from strong images. Haupt saves the subtilties for later image processing.

However, not all of his photos are processed, such as Haupt‘s World Trade Center Series, one of the first photo documentations of the WTC disaster. It was photographed under the most difficult circumstances, but the series appears strangely serene and composed in spite of the monstrosity of the subject. See